[TopTen] 1351Z   SFI=71 SSN=0 A=5 K=1
PI30COM      1349Z  14275.0 Tks for contact 58 73 Cheers    VE3YFB    
UE20DS       1349Z   3681.0 MDXC                            R6LD      
PI30COM      1347Z  14275.0 tnx qso                         YO9HO     
PI30COM      1345Z  14275.0 59                              W4JCW     
PI30COM      1341Z  14275.0 thx 73                          W8CTM     
AN100L       1342Z  14074.0 SPECIAL CALL                    EB2FAC    
UE20DS       1340Z   7026.0 tnx QSO award                   RU7N      
II5MPI       1336Z   7145.0 S.E.S. cq award                 IU5ICR    
LY300GAON    1336Z   7142.0 cq CQ                           LY3AB     
AN100L       1336Z  14070.0 PSK                             EA5IY     
R207RRC      1334Z  14039.9                                 UT5UIA    
AN100L       1334Z  14157.0 Special call                    EA1EX     
IU8IZA       1333Z   7074.0 NewOne ((DAI CP-0812)) FT8      IU8HEP    
PI30COM      1332Z  14275.0 tnx QSO                         RC4HC     
AN100L       1333Z  14014.0 log online pse?                 AN100L    
UE20DS       1333Z   7083.0 MDXC                            R6LD      
J68HZ        1333Z  21074.0 LOOKING FOR ND ON FT8           K9ZC      
PI30COM      1331Z  14274.0 5/9                             VO1UK     
PI30COM      1327Z  14275.0 Nice signal 59                  VA3CQG    
R207RRC      1328Z  14040.0 QRM!!! TON QRV QSY PSE          UA6XT     
UE20DS       1326Z   3695.0 tnx QSO                         UB3LBU    
R1996VK      1323Z   7094.0 MDXC                            UA3DNH    
R207RRC      1323Z  14040.0 UP / here 539                   LZ2HR     
UE20DS       1321Z   3695.0 M DX C                          R7LB      
PI30COM      1320Z  14275.0 59 80Km West of Chicago         N9SSW     
UE20DS       1321Z   7026.0 tnx QSO                         R5FN      
UE20DS       1320Z  14022.0                                 DM2RN     
II5MPI       1318Z   7074.0 cq s.e.s.                       IZ5DKG    
UE20DS       1317Z  14022.0 CQ CQ                           F5PJQ     
R207RRC      1316Z  14040.0 Any log online ?                RX0X      
UE20DS       1314Z   7026.0 tnx QSO AWRD                    RU7N      
UE20DS       1311Z   7083.0 MDXC                            R6LD      
IU8IZA       1309Z  14122.0 NewOne ((DAI CP-0812))          IU8HEP    
UE20DS       1309Z  14022.0                                 OM1AX     
LY300GAON    1303Z  14023.0                                 F5PBM     
UE20DS       1301Z   7083.0 MDXC                            R2PA      
R207RRC      1258Z  14040.0 as-207 up                       IZ5CML    
R1996VK      1257Z   7094.0 tnx QSO                         RA4CCK    
AN100L       1256Z  21013.0                                 SP6NIF    
LY300GAON    1255Z  14023.0 CQ                              F5TRB     
UE20DS       1254Z   7083.0 tnx QSO                         RA4CCK    
AN100L       1254Z  21013.0                                 EA1AOU    
LY300GAON    1253Z  14023.0 cq cq cq....tnx                 IZ3ZLT    
R1996VK      1252Z   7094.0 tnx QSO                         UB3LBU    
R1996VK      1250Z   7094.0 CQ CQ CQ                        RV0APH    
UE20DS       1249Z   7083.0 MDXC                            R6LD      
UE20DS       1249Z  14022.1 CQ                              YT5FD     
R1996VK      1248Z   7094.0 SES                             R1CAT     
UE20DS       1247Z  14022.1                                 OK1FHD    
UE20DS       1247Z  14021.9 cq cq cq cq....tnx              IZ3ZLT    
II5MPI       1245Z   7177.0 (10 anni MDXC Pisa)             IZ8CCW    
II5MPI       1242Z   7177.0 cq s.e.s.                       IZ5DKG    
II5MPI       1240Z  10114.5 Award 10 Anni MDXC Pisa         IK5WOB    
UE20DS       1240Z   7083.0 MDXC                            R6LD      
R207RRC      1236Z  14040.0 fb sig tnx qso                  R9SG      
R207RRC      1223Z  14040.0 Evry Body call UP 1-5           SP3HLM    
II5MPI       1222Z   7074.0 cq                              IZ5DKG    
R207RRC      1220Z  14040.0 wrk EU sig. north               SP3HLM    
R207RRC      1219Z  14040.0 up 3                            F1ICS     
R207RRC      1216Z  14040.0 UP 2.2 / TNX NEW IOTA           IN3ASW    
R207RRC      1213Z  14040.0 up weak but building            VA3DXA    
UE20DS       1202Z   7114.0 tnx QSO                         UB3LBU    
AN100L       1202Z  18100.0 ft8                             EA5KB     
R207RRC      1201Z  14040.0 tu qso, up                      SM7ELR    
R207RRC      1200Z  14040.0 UP1.2                           RL3FM     
R207RRC      1200Z  14039.9 up 1.7                          EA2KR     
AN100L       1159Z  14290.0 tnx qso                         VE2PU     
UE20DS       1159Z   7114.0 M-DX-C                          R7MG      
AN100L       1157Z  14290.0 Tnx:.73   Big Sig               OE6PID    
LY300GAON    1156Z  14023.0 tnx QSO                         UN4PD     
AN100L       1155Z  14013.0                                 N2KW      
R207RRC      1154Z  14039.9 UP TNX QSO                      UA3UBT    
AN100L       1150Z  14290.0 tnx Antrea 59                   SV1AVE    
LY300GAON    1147Z  14023.0                                 F5MCC     
AN100L       1144Z  10138.1 FT8                             UX5UW     
AN100L       1141Z  14013.0                                 SM1TDE    
AN100L       1140Z  14013.0 Strong in Toronto 73 de Arn     VE3NFN    
LY300GAON    1137Z   7011.5 cq                              LY2QT     
R207RRC      1134Z  14039.9 Tnx qso 73!                     OH5MNJ    
R207RRC      1131Z  14039.8 all time S-0 here!              HS0ZIV    
II5MPI       1127Z  14074.0 award 10 years MDXC PISA        IZ5IIN    
R207RRC      1125Z  14039.9 iota as-207 booming in          G4EZT     
AN100L       1125Z  14290.0 ses                             EA5KB     
AN100L       1124Z  14290.0 SES                             EC1D      
R207RRC      1122Z  14040.0 TNX QSO up 3                    RA1QFT    
AN100L       1122Z   7023.0 Legion                          EA1AOU    
LY300GAON    1121Z  14023.0 tnx                             HB9TXE    
AN100L       1121Z  14290.0 Special call                    EA1EX     
R207RRC      1118Z  14040.0 Good Sig nw                     OE5BWN    
AN100L       1107Z  18085.0                                 EA1AOU    
RU20DS       1106Z  14157.0 thanks 73!                      LZ2HR     
UE20DS       1105Z   7083.0 MDXC                            R6LD      
II5MPI       1105Z  14210.0 73                              PD1HT     
R207RRC      1103Z  14040.0 6,13 up vy tnx                  RM9RZ     
AN100L       1102Z  18100.0 FT8 -04dB 714Hz                 SP6NIF    
RU20DS       1058Z  14157.0 TNX                             HB9HCZ    
AN100L       1056Z  18100.0 Spanish Legion 100 Years Sp Ca  EC5WR     
UE20DS       1055Z  21200.0 M DX C                          R7LB      
AN100L       1053Z  14237.0                                 PB9FN     
UE20DS       1050Z  14165.0                                 DL6HRA    
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