[9L5M] 1602Z   SFI=167 SSN=138 A=5 K=7
9L5M         1549Z 489890.0 PSE QO-100                      9L5M      
9L5M         1503Z  28084.0 FT8, FH, TNX QSO, 73! de Jurek  SP9JP     
9L5M         1455Z  28084.5 FT8                             AE3S      
9L5M         1453Z  18090.0 TNX NEW BAND                    SQ3PMX    
9L5M         1449Z  28084.0 get 73 but not visible in club  PC1Y      
9L5M         1445Z  28084.0                                 W9HBH     
9L5M         1440Z  28084.5 FT8 TNX QSO 73 CONFIRM IN LOTW  PY1TG     
9L5M         1438Z  28084.5 FT8                             LZ3BS     
9L5M         1438Z  50313.0 FYI 6m Open at the moment       9Z4Y      
9L5M         1437Z  28084.5 FT8                             IV3GOW    
9L5M         1432Z  28084.0 FT8 -6 dB 582 Hz                LZ3SD     
9L5M         1414Z  28084.0 FT8 -04dB 498Hz                 LX1ER     
9L5M         1345Z  28084.0 FT8 10 mts                      K9IO      
9L5M         1337Z  28084.6 FT8 TU GDX GL 73                K5YDD     
9L5M         1330Z  28084.0 Vy Tnx Shabu, 2.bnd, Vy 73 Gl   DM2DMI    
9L5M         1315Z  28084.0 FT8 Tnx for QSO 73!             4Z5PT     
9L5M         1305Z  28074.5 FT8                             LZ7U      
9L5M         1304Z  28085.7 Tnx QSO Shabu. -10, -08         EA4BNB    
9L5M         1303Z  28084.2 ccorex call                     K0MB      
9L5M         1301Z  28084.0 FT8                             KB8VAO    
9L5M         1257Z 400390.0 Tx 10489890 IJ38IL Listening U  M0HPF2    
9L5M         1252Z 489890.0 Listening UP                    M0HPF     
9L5M         1249Z  28084.0 FT8 +15dB                       SP6FEK    
9L5M         1246Z  28084.0 FT8 F/H Tnx for contact, 73!    DK8EW     
9L5M         1242Z  18090.0 nil on dipole sri               SV1GRN    
9L5M         1240Z  18090.5 FT8                             SN6P      
9L5M         1231Z  18090.0 FT8 Sent: -12 Rcvd: -03         EC5ALJ    
9L5M         1222Z  28084.0 FT8 F/H tnx 73                  PA4X      
9L5M         1145Z  28084.0 THX-73-GOOD-DX F/H              M7SKY     
9L5M         1138Z  18090.0 CCC 9L*                         DB7VX     
9L5M         1116Z  28084.5 FT8 , Tnx :-) 73                HF7X      
9L5M         1113Z  28084.0 tks 73\' F/H                    SV1SMX    
9L5M         1112Z  28083.5 FT8 -10dB 1085Hz                SP9BCV    
9L5M         1105Z 489540.0 where are you joker?            9L8NO10   
9L5M         1057Z  24900.0 PSE 12M FT8                     MM0TWX    
9L5M         1056Z  18090.0 WTF to IARU bandplan no mandat  MM0TWX    
9L5M         1055Z  28084.0 CCC 9L*                         F5PDT     
9L5M         1055Z  18090.9 digital clowns on CW freq       MM0TWX    
9L5M         1048Z  18092.8 Mni tnx, gd dx & gl, 73         HB9FNO    
9L5M         1025Z  28084.0 ft8 tnx                         YO6NM     
9L5M         1016Z  28084.0 TNX QSO...NEW DXCC...           ON4CJU    
9L5M         1014Z  18090.0 tnx new band                    SQ2HL     
9L5M         1010Z  28084.0 Thx QSO 73                      2E0OEW    
9L5M         0953Z  18090.0 pse AS BY tnx                   BD3CB     
9L5M         0939Z  28084.0 thanks for new dxcc             PD5FK     
9L5M         0933Z  18090.0 Vy Tnx Shabu, Best 73 Gl        DM2DMI    
9L5M         0932Z  28084.0 thanks 73                       PD2SR     
9L5M         0928Z  28085.6 FT8 Thks and enjoy yr DX        PH7R      
9L5M         0926Z  28084.0 TNX FT8-73's Mark               PD0ME     
9L5M         0901Z  24900.0 Any intention / plans to work   DL4DW     
9L5M         0848Z 489880.0 JOKE OPERATOR WIND UP QO-100    9L5M10    
9L5M         0846Z  18100.0 AGAIN JA ONLY MUPPET SHOW       9L5LID    
9L5M         0834Z  10136.5 FT8                             IK2EKO    
9L5M         0804Z  28084.0 CCC 9L*                         ES2HV     
9L5M         0755Z  28084.0 ft8 mshv                        M0KRI     
9L5M         0720Z  10131.6 FT8 TZ1CE                       BG4TRN    
9L5M         0707Z  10130.0 Loud in UK but JA wall :-(      GW4FRX    
9L5M         0656Z  10131.0 only 1 stream and deaf brick    DX1ER     
9L5M         0633Z   5357.0 -09 db in62cg                   IZ0AEZ    
9L5M         0621Z   5359.0 FT8 -11 JN00BB IJ38             EA5D      
9L5M         0620Z  10130.0 Deaf                            F6BUM     
9L5M         0616Z   5357.0 FT 8                            OH7UE     
9L5M         0611Z   5355.0 Is Moorish not not English      G4EPF     
9L5M         0606Z   5356.0 English not not Collectors      G4EPF     
9L5M         0604Z   3574.0 Sory 9L not not English         G4EPF     
9L5M         0602Z   5357.0 Not not Englush                 G4EPF     
9L5M         0559Z   5357.0 Collector $$$$$ Moorish         F5IDJ     
9L5M         0535Z  10131.0                                 OH7KB     
9L5M         0527Z  10131.0 tnx                             IV3IZU    
9L5M         0526Z  10130.0 MSHV +3 in Florida              KH6M      
9L5M         0522Z  10130.0 for japan ft8 mshv              M0KRI     
9L5M         0510Z   7004.0 Just like that.. POOF, gone 8-  K0XP      
9L5M         0457Z   7004.0 up 7005.4 tnx 599               YO2CEQ    
9L5M         0450Z   7004.0 Ov when u in 9L last?           VE2OV     
9L5M         0443Z   7004.0 waste your time                 9L5M      
9L5M         0439Z   7004.0 Heard in NH                     W3LPL     
9L5M         0435Z   5358.0 tnx                             IV3IZU    
9L5M         0432Z   7004.0 no gd ears                      VE2OV     
9L5M         0428Z   7006.2                                 W4WKU     
9L5M         0423Z   7004.0 CQ CQ CQ????                    AF2F      
9L5M         0421Z   7004.0 up 5,66                         OK1AMF    
9L5M         0413Z   5357.5 FT8 02dB KP13fm JN26 2186km     OH6IH     
9L5M         0408Z   5357.0                                 N5AO      
9L5M         0405Z   7004.0 UP 7005.5 TNX 599               YO2AA     
9L5M         0402Z   5357.0                                 NP4DE     
9L5M         0401Z   7004.0                                 OH7KB     
9L5M         0358Z   7004.0 UP- GUD Signal in Florida       KH6M      
9L5M         0353Z   7004.0 Callsing "TU 53NN TU" :-)       OK1MH     
9L5M         0340Z   5358.7                                 K1KA      
9L5M         0339Z   7004.0 Heard in NH                     W3LPL     
9L5M         0338Z   7004.0 cq dx up 1....tnx               PP2CC     
9L5M         0330Z   7004.0 CW up 1 Wrkd in FL              KH6M      
9L5M         0316Z   7010.0 cw up 1                         M0KRI     
9L5M         0304Z   5357.0 FT8 MSHV                        KH6M      
9L5M         0257Z   5357.0 ft8 mshv                        M0KRI     
9L5M         0239Z   3567.0 ft8 mshv                        M0KRI     
9L5M         0104Z  21000.0 has a power outage              9Y4D      
9L5M         0046Z 171512.0 Where are you                   9L5M20    
*****************   2023/12/01 00:00:03 UTC  NOW!!   *****************
9L5M         2330Z  10143.0 Y I do not see relying to any   K9UNY     
<refreshes every minute>


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