[PedJuly2022] 2328Z   SFI=102 SSN=57 A=7 K=2
5X3R         2326Z  18104.0 F/h ft8                         IK5BSC    
5X3R         2324Z  18100.0 FT8                             EA9PB     
5X3R         2217Z   1836.0 pse 160, tks!                   LU5YF     
5X3R         2207Z  14080.0 FT4 KI59                        SP1NL     
VK0MQ        2151Z  14083.0 Pse charge in lotw              VK0MQ     
5Z4VJ        2140Z  14074.0 FT8                             EA3IDY    
5Z4VJ        2122Z  14074.0                                 JH6KFY    
5X3R         2113Z  14080.0 Tnx                             JA4DNC-#  
5X3R         2055Z  14080.3 FT4 -02dB, KN34wi KI59, TNX &   YO6FPW    
J28JD        2042Z   7074.0 FT8 0                           EA7BD     
J28JD        2040Z   3573.0 FT8 TNX                         OM3SX     
5X3R         2038Z  14080.0 CCC 5X*                         IV3IPA    
J28JD        2021Z  18101.8 FT8 tnx qso                     DL9IU     
5Z4VJ        2016Z  14074.0 TNX FT8..73                     OZ1CF     
5X3R         2013Z  14080.0 FT4                             DL8LE     
D2UY         2006Z  21075.0 tnx                             IW8ELR    
D2UY         2005Z  21075.0 FT8                             AB8M      
5X3R         2001Z  14080.0 tnx fr ft4 qso 73               PD2EZ     
5X3R         1959Z  14080.0 FT4, 73                         TA0B/5    
J28JD        1953Z   7074.0 good signals in jo47xa Denmark  OZ4SKK    
J28JD        1952Z   7074.0 USB LL55rw -> LK11nn            A71XX     
D2UY         1944Z  21072.0 PSE 60m 5357 QRV t Day          F6BUM     
D2UY         1941Z  21073.5 FT8 -07dB 866Hz                 SP6ATG    
D2UY         1912Z  21073.5 USB LL55rw -> JI64ck            A71XX     
5X3R         1900Z  14080.3 FT$ tnx qso                     DL9IU     
5X3R         1858Z  14080.3 FT4                             F5SPJ     
5X3R         1835Z  14080.0 ft4 -7db                        KI7PMQ    
D2UY         1836Z  21074.0 ft8                             JA7AUM-#  
5X3R         1826Z  14080.3 FT4 Tnx 73                      SV3SFK    
5X3R         1816Z  14080.8 FT4                             IK2GAU    
5X3R         1816Z  14080.0 ft4 cq                          JF1KKV    
5X3R         1814Z  14090.0 ft8 cq cq cq +284hz +06d f/h?.  JF1KKV    
5X3R         1810Z  14090.0 F/H ft8                         IK5BSC    
5X3R         1805Z  14090.0 f/h ft8 cq                      IK5BSC    
D2UY         1804Z  21074.0 USB LL55rw -> JI64ck            A71XX     
D2UY         1716Z  21074.0 ((CQ))FT8 tnx 73 de Cris        IN3EYI    
D2UY         1716Z  21074.0 ((CQ))FT8  tnx 73 de Cris       IN3EYI    
D2UY         1634Z  28074.4 FT8 -16dB                       PP5AMP    
D2UY         1626Z  21075.1                                 TA6C      
5Z4VJ        1405Z  28074.0 FT8 strong as usual             JH1LPZ-#  
5X3R         1404Z  21005.0 Up                              JE6EFG-9  
5X3R         1346Z  21005.0 up                              PA2LO     
D2UY         1326Z  21074.0 FT8 TU                          E29TGW    
D2UY         1313Z  21074.0 Tnx QSO , 73                    UA3RLE    
5X3R         1302Z  21005.0 UP...                           OK2PAY    
D2UY         1301Z  21074.0 TNX LOTW QSLs                   W5HD      
D2UY         1253Z  21074.0                                 WA6SCW    
7O/DL7ZM     1134Z  50300.0 very poor activity...!!         ON5WQ     
5X3R         1048Z  21005.0 73 Tnx CW                       IW6DGJ    
5X3R         1037Z  21005.0 vy weak hr                      G0ORC     
5X3R         1037Z  21005.0 now calling for JA up           WQ3X      
5X3R         1028Z  21005.0 up                              JP3KCX-#  
5X3R         1026Z  21005.0 599, 73 de Oly !                YO4WO     
D2UY         1023Z  21074.0                                 JA0CRI-9  
5X3R         1022Z  21005.1 QSX 21006.90                    E29TGW    
5X3R         1020Z  21005.0                                 HA6VH     
5X3R         1018Z  28455.0                                 HA6VH     
5X3R         1013Z  21005.0 Tnx                             OH3KD     
5X3R         0953Z  21005.0 QSX 21007.00                    UA9CTT    
5X3R         0950Z  21005.0 UP 1.75. TNX FOR QSO Elvira. 7  LZ7MM     
5X3R         0945Z  21005.0 NW OK RX                        S58AW     
5X3R         0937Z  21005.0 QSX 21006.40 CW                 ON4ACW    
5X3R         0918Z  21005.0 UP                              IV3IPS    
5X3R         0840Z  21007.0 elvira i want you!!!!!!!!!!!!!  S58AW     
5X3R         0826Z  21007.0 ELVIRA, YOU HAVE NO RX          S58AW     
5X3R         0823Z  21007.0 pls check ur rx                 BA5AD     
5X3R         0810Z  21007.0 VY TNX FOR QSO 73 .. UP UP      IZ6CSS    
5X3R         0807Z  21007.0 TKS up 1.5                      LZ1MS     
5X3R         0802Z  21007.0 up 1 tu                         F3SG      
5X3R         0753Z  21007.0 UP                              IV3IPS    
VK0MQ        0735Z  18100.0 bitte 17 m fur eu               DL4HN     
VK0MQ        0725Z  18095.0 try 17 m                        YO4DG     
VK0MQ        0714Z  10136.0 VIA TBA FT8 AN-005              N5XZ      
5X3R         0643Z  21090.0 FT8 F/H Tnx                     YL3KW     
VK0MQ        0640Z  10131.0 TNX new one                     DG8DBW    
5X3R         0635Z  21090.0 F/H                             JA4MOK-#  
5X3R         0633Z  21090.0 Tnx QSO FT8 F/H                 SP2BUC    
VK0MQ        0626Z  10130.8 IOTA AN005 OM calling,chk timi  IK5MDF    
5X3R         0621Z  21090.0 FT8 279hz                       JH1EDD-#  
5X3R         0619Z  21090.0                                 JL2KEQ-#  
5X3R         0606Z  21090.0 F/H ft8 cq                      IK5BSC    
VK0MQ        0550Z  10131.0 tnx FH                          IZ7HNO    
VK0MQ        0537Z  10131.0 tnx qso ft8 f/h                 IK0FVC    
5X3R         0527Z  21074.0 FT8 -16 dB from KI59            I7UNU     
5X3R         0519Z  21074.0 FT8 -26dB from KI59 352Hz       YC1JEL    
VK0MQ        0516Z  10131.0 F/H tnx                         PA4X      
VK0MQ        0507Z  10131.0 ft8 f/h                         VK2HV     
VK0MQ        0501Z  10131.1 FT8 -10dB 380Hz                 IW8DCS    
VK0MQ        0453Z  10131.0 KN02QA<>QD95LM TNX, 73          Z31TU     
VK0MQ        0439Z  10131.0 FT8 FH ATNO TY                  ND7J      
VK0MQ        0431Z  10132.0 tnx                             IV3IZU    
VK0MQ        0425Z  10131.0 TNX FT8 F/H                     N0ODK     
VK0MQ        0425Z  10131.0 TNX ATNO 313esimo               IZ6HAO    
ZF1EJ        0418Z  10136.1 CCC ZF* IOTA NA-016             IZ7DJS    
ZF1EJ        0417Z  10137.6 tnx qso 73                      PJ4EL     
VK0MQ        0415Z  10131.0 F/H - TU new one on 30 Matt !   S51U      
VK0MQ        0415Z  10131.0 FT8/FH , TNX                    SP3FHV    
VK0MQ        0411Z  10131.3 FT8/H                           IZ7DJS    
VK0MQ        0410Z  10131.0 Gain Dipole POWER only 55w :-)  OH3JF     
VK0MQ        0407Z  10131.0 TNX FB QSO with Gain Dipole!    OH3JF     
<refreshes every minute>


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