[PedFEB2019] 1624Z   SFI=70 SSN=0 A=4 K=1
T31EU        1609Z   7025.0 all sleeping...??               DX0EU     
T31EU        1609Z  10136.0 FT8 CQ                          N6ML      
T31EU        1559Z   7056.0 certainly not; just one mode    DX4ALL    
T31EU        1535Z   7056.0 this 5h1t is future of radio?   OK0SWL    
T31EU        1523Z   7056.0 just keep trying DXers          DX4ALL    
T31EU        1501Z   7056.0 wast of time and money          SP3XWT    
T31EU        1444Z   7056.0 someone uses my callsign        SQ8Z      
T31EU        1439Z   7056.0 very bed operator               SQ8Z      
T31EU        1428Z   7056.0                                 UT2XQ     
T31EU        1416Z   7056.3 tnx QSO                         UA3OA     
T31EU        1352Z   7056.0 FT8 f/h                         JA9FAI-#  
T31EU        1352Z   7056.0 FT8 F/H                         JE1HRC-#  
T31EU        1350Z   7056.0 FOX mode                        RW3RN     
T31EU        1313Z   7010.0 up 5                            KG5VK     
T31EU        1304Z   7010.0 Heard in UT                     W3LPL     
T31EU        1256Z   7010.0 TNX up 5                        RU0AI     
T31EU        1238Z   7010.0 up                              OH4KBC    
T31EU        1232Z   7010.0 Cant get past JAs               K9SO      
T31EU        1208Z   7010.0 up                              JH3GCN-#  
T31EU        1205Z   7010.0 Loud, Up 1.5                    W9AC      
T31EU        1202Z   7010.0 Heard in BC                     W3LPL     
T31EU        1150Z   7125.0 QSX 7145 Lonely and Easy        N4RJ      
T31EU        1140Z   7125.0 QSX 7145                        K5DC      
T31EU        1118Z  10109.0 599 TNX CW QSO UP1              BX2AK     
T31EU        1114Z  10109.1 Heard in WA                     W3LPL     
T31EU        1109Z   7125.0 Qsx 7140-7145, wrk 7145         WA2VUY    
T31EU        1109Z   7125.0 Qsx 7140-7145  wrk 7145         WA2VUY    
T31EU        1108Z  10109.0 tnx QSOup1.2                    RA9UO     
T31EU        1105Z   7125.0 QSX 7145 FOR USA  59!           K4YFR     
T31EU        1105Z   7125.0 QSX 7145 FOR USA, 59!           K4YFR     
T31EU        1103Z   7125.0 QSX 7145 Stateside Only         W4FOA     
T31EU        1059Z   7125.0 please by numbers               VK8GM     
T31EU        1056Z  10109.0 qsx 10110.4 CQ - TU es GL!      VK5GR     
T31EU        1049Z  10109.0 UP TNX                          JA5EXC-#  
T31EU        1049Z  10109.0 tnx up1.4                       DS1JFY    
T31EU        1043Z  10109.0 tnx QSO UP1.0                   R6AW      
T31EU        1045Z   7125.0 tnx up 7145                     VK5BC     
T31EU        1042Z  10109.1 QSX 10110.20 TNX QSO CW         HS8HEX    
T31EU        1031Z   7125.0 SSB VK FOR 5 MINS PLS, QSX 714  VK3BDX    
T31EU        1013Z  10109.0 tnx up 1.7                      BX4AG     
T31EU        1011Z  10109.0 TU TU QSO                       KC4LZN    
T31EU        1010Z  10109.2 Heard in WA                     W3LPL     
T31EU        0946Z   7125.0 TNX QSO. QSX 7140-7150kHz       JA7BAL-#  
T31EU        0938Z  14080.0 FT8 OC043  f/h mode             HS0ZIV    
T31EU        0936Z  14074.0                                 PD1RK     
T31EU        0928Z   7125.0 tnx. up7140-45                  DS3EXX    
T31EU        0916Z  10109.0 UP 1.6 kHz. TU fof New1!!!      UT5ULB    
T31EU        0916Z   7125.0 QSX 7140~7145                   HL2WA     
T31EU        0912Z   7125.0 CQ QSX 7140                     JK1KSB-#  
T31EU        0907Z  10109.1 QSX 10111.20  CW                ZL4FZ     
T31EU        0907Z  10109.0 Heard in TX                     W3LPL     
T31EU        0858Z  14185.0 5 up                            HS1NGR    
T31EU        0846Z   7056.0 FH, Tnx                         KE5EE     
T31EU        0846Z   7056.0 FH  Tnx                         KE5EE     
T31EU        0836Z  14185.0 up5                             RX6B      
T31EU        0832Z  14185.0 tnx. up5                        DS3EXX    
T31EU        0831Z   7056.0 FT8 NO F/H MODE                 JH1AQG-#  
T31EU        0824Z  14185.0 Lonely QSX 14190                RM8L      
T31EU        0815Z  10109.0 Heard in AZ                     K5ML      
T31EU        0811Z  10109.0 cq up eu (asia?)                E20HHK    
T31EU        0810Z   7056.0 TNX QSO. F/H mode.FB sigs!      JA7BAL-#  
T31EU        0801Z  10109.1 Heard in UT                     W3LPL     
T31EU        0757Z  14185.0 tnx QSO                         R1BV      
T31EU        0757Z   7056.0 tnx. ft8 f/h                    DS3EXX    
T31EU        0756Z  14185.0 qsx 200 tnx                     RZ4HO     
T31EU        0751Z  14185.0 up 12.5                         LZ1MS     
T31EU        0751Z  10109.1 tnx up                          DL1KUR    
T31EU        0748Z  14185.0 tnx QSO  UP 10                  R6AW      
T31EU        0749Z  10109.0 tnx QSO up2                     UA1CGS    
T31EU        0746Z  14185.0 tnx QSO  UP                     UA3OO     
T31EU        0736Z  10109.0 tnx QSO up2                     UX1BZ     
T31EU        0736Z   7056.0 wiped out by music..            4L1EA     
T31EU        0735Z   7056.0 Pse stop music on DXpe          UA6CVM    
T31EU        0727Z   7056.0 F/H                             G0YCE     
T31EU        0722Z   7056.0 FT8                             OH8LE     
T31EU        0722Z  14185.0 10 up tnx                       IT9ESW    
T31EU        0720Z  14185.0 --strong-- up                   SV2CXI    
T31EU        0714Z  14185.0 tnx qso 5--10 up                SV2CXI    
T31EU        0702Z   7056.0 ft8 dxped h PSE ASIA -19 GE     TA4RC     
T31EU        0701Z   7056.0 F/H Big Sig                     N4RJ      
T31EU        0659Z  10109.0 lsn up 10-20 kc                 T31EU     
T31EU        0650Z   7056.0 F/H TU                          OH5O      
T31EU        0649Z   7056.4 7056 as Hound 1000hz -10 into   K6MKF     
T31EU        0649Z   7056.4 7056 as Hound >1000hz -10 into  K6MKF     
T31EU        0648Z  10109.1 Up 1++ EU                       ZL2IFB    
T31EU        0648Z  10109.0 Up 1++ EU                       ZL2IFB    
T31EU        0646Z  14185.0 i heard sort path               SV2CXI    
T31EU        0642Z  14185.0 tnx 10up                        JF1EHM-#  
T31EU        0638Z  10109.0 up                              DL2YN     
T31EU        0631Z  10109.0 TU now building                 SM0BRF    
T31EU        0628Z  10109.2 up 2 tnx qso                    OH5NZ     
T31EU        0626Z  14185.0 UP10 SRI FREQ.                  JA5BEN    
T31EU        0623Z  14195.0 UP10                            JA5BEN    
T31EU        0621Z  10109.1 Heard in TX                     W3LPL     
T31EU        0617Z  14185.0 5-10 up                         JF1TEU    
T31EU        0610Z  10109.1 All JA                          AK4AT     
T31EU        0610Z   7056.0 never confirms ?                F6EXV     
T31EU        0606Z  14000.0 --any qso on ssb?--             SV2CXI    
T31EU        0558Z   7056.0 wrk on his rx ft8 f/h           AB3AH     
T31EU        0548Z  10109.0 OC-043 up4                      JA6EXO-#  
<refreshes every minute>


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