[PedDEC2019] 0255Z   SFI=71 SSN=0 A=6 K=2
*****************   2019/12/12 00:00:02 UTC  NOW!!   *****************
5T5PA        2314Z  10136.7 FT8                             K9JN      
5T5PA        2245Z  10136.0 +7 db +578 hz                   K5VJZ     
5T5PA        2135Z   5357.0 FT8 -05 in NH                   NE1I      
5T5PA        2059Z   1800.0 pse 160m ASIA                   DS5USB    
5T5PA        2051Z   5357.0 Tnx for 3 Band 73               EA7BF     
5T5PA        2051Z   5357.6 FT8 -02dB 4286km JTDX           DB6LL     
5T5PA        2050Z  10136.6                                 AA8CS     
5T5PA        1957Z   5357.6 FT8 -06dB 4286km JTDX           DB6LL     
5T5PA        1950Z   5357.0 corr                            DF3UB     
5T5PA        1808Z   5357.6 FT8 -07dB 4286km JTDX           DB6LL     
5T5PA        1802Z   5357.0                                 DF3UB     
5T5PA        1801Z   5357.0 ft8 -10dB                       PC2J      
5T5PA        1715Z  18101.6 FT8 -07                         W6RMC     
5T5PA        1548Z  24915.0 FT8                             WX1S      
5T5PA        1533Z  18100.0 FT8                             SP2LIG    
5T5PA        1522Z  18100.0 tnx 73 FT8                      K4SX      
4U1UN        1521Z  14022.7 qrt                             DF2QZ     
4U1UN        1520Z  14022.7 JUST QRT,SRI                    SP8ARY    
4U1UN        1520Z  14022.7 QRT                             K1UU      
4U1UN        1520Z  14022.7 QRT                             SV2EVS    
4U1UN        1520Z  14022.8 QSX 14024.21                    K3RA      
4U1UN        1520Z  14022.6 RTTY no respons gl 73 up        ON7JM     
4U1UN        1519Z  14022.7 no respons gl 73 up             ON3MK     
5T5PA        1511Z  18100.0                                 NN4X      
4U1UN        1509Z  14022.7 SS here = band closed :(((      OV5O      
4U1UN        1501Z  14022.7 Up                              PD5SS     
4U1UN        1501Z   1422.7 Tnx Up2                         CT1FPQ    
4U1UN        1500Z  14022.7 up 2.7 Tnx Qso ufb ears         OE5BWN    
4U1UN        1459Z  14023.0 tnx new one atno!               EA4DAU    
4U1UN        1459Z  14022.6 up                              DJ7UO     
4U1UN        1457Z  14022.6 UP,UP,NICE HR                   SP8ARY    
4U1UN        1453Z  14022.7 UP 2.6, Tnx, over 1 hr 73       W9ZCL     
4U1UN        1451Z  14022.7 tnx up1.7 73                    EA7BUU    
4U1UN        1446Z  14022.7                                 G3KAF     
4U1UN        1442Z  14022.7                                 EA3CAZ    
4U1UN        1440Z  14022.7 up                              E73PY     
4U1UN        1438Z  14022.7 strong sig                      SV8BHN    
5T5PA        1437Z  18100.0 ft8                             OK1DX     
4U1UN        1437Z  14022.7 QSX 14024.20 CW                 SP7JLH    
4U1UN        1434Z  14022.7 TNX ATNO!                       ZL3CW     
4U1UN        1430Z  14022.7 For VK/ZL                       HB9AMO    
4U1UN        1423Z  14022.5 up                              IK1SOW    
4U1UN        1424Z  14022.8 Heard in IA                     W3LPL     
4U1UN        1423Z  14022.7 PSE LSN OC                      ZL3CW     
4U1UN        1409Z  14000.0 20m LoL                         DX4ALL    
4U1UN        1410Z  14022.7 up 1.9                          W4QN      
4U1UN        1406Z  14022.7 CW                              N4RF      
4U1UN        1404Z  14010.0 tnx QSO                         US0CD     
4U1UN        1403Z  14022.7 Tnx qso 73 1.3 UP               SQ7BFC    
4U1UN        1402Z  14022.8 UP                              ON4IZ     
5T5PA        1354Z  10136.0 FT8                             IK3VUT    
4U1UN        1347Z   1818.0 The Wold Need you on 160 not 2  AL4DX     
4U1UN        1344Z  14022.7 UP2.8 Tnx!                      EW7LO     
4U1UN        1341Z  14022.7 up 3.2 tnx atno                 IS0ZOD    
4U1UN        1338Z  14022.7 TU Adrian ATNO                  HB0WR     
4U1UN        1332Z  14023.0 VY TNX UP                       US5XD     
4U1UN        1332Z  14022.7 CW Russian WW MultiMode Contes  UR5MW     
4U1UN        1331Z  14022.7 VK/ZL                           RW3RN     
4U1UN        1331Z  14022.7 he does not care only been wkn  VE3AXW    
4U1UN        1331Z  14022.7 VK/ZL go                        OH1LEG    
4U1UN        1330Z  14023.0 you know carib exist ?          FG4NO     
4U1UN        1330Z  14022.7 VK/ZL                           DG7NFX    
4U1UN        1329Z  14022.7 UP vy loud                      IK0YVV    
4U1UN        1329Z  14022.7 Pse OC.                         VK6WX     
4U1UN        1324Z  14022.7 Heard in NV                     W3LPL     
4U1UN        1319Z   7021.7 Heard in OH and NH              W3LPL     
5T5PA        1313Z  10137.5                                 K7DD      
4U1UN        1303Z   7021.7 My mistake. That was on 40nm    R9AB      
4U1UN        1301Z  14021.8 nil on wire                     SV1GRN    
4U1UN        1254Z   7021.7 good sigs but QRT               R9FM      
4U1UN        1254Z  14021.8 TNX ATNO #339, great job Adria  R9AB      
5T5PA        1252Z  10136.0 FT8                             K2QB      
4U1UN        1250Z  14000.0 pse some EU                     SV1GRN    
4U1UN        1245Z  70217.0 UP 1 good copy                  VK2PW     
4U1UN        1245Z   7021.7 CQ JA! QSX UP.                  K3TW      
4U1UN        1243Z   7021.7 tnx UP                          BH4IGO    
4U1UN        1235Z   7021.7 CQ JA                           JA1TOU-#  
4U1UN        1219Z   7021.8 Heard in AZ                     W3LPL     
5T5PA        1051Z  10136.5 IN52OC IL10 FT8                 EA1YV     
5T5PA        1051Z  10136.0 FT8                             N4ST      
5T5PA        1051Z  10136.5 IN52OC<>IL10 FT8                EA1YV     
4U1UN        0726Z   1818.0 Big Miss no 160m Antenna 40=CB  NO4DX     
4U1UN        0712Z   1818.0 NO ANTENNA 80/160               4U1UN     
4U1UN        0709Z   7021.7 he got tired, he needs to rest  SP7P      
5T5PA        0708Z   3573.0 FT8 -13dB from IL10 527Hz       DL7AOJ    
4U1UN        0708Z   7021.7 STRONG IN VK NOW QRT            VK7AC     
4U1UN        0700Z   7021.7 UP1  TU                         JA5XAE    
4U1UN        0650Z   7000.0 PSE ASIA ASIA                   HL4AS     
4U1UN        0640Z   7021.7 Heard in North Russia           RA1QEA    
4U1UN        0630Z   1840.0 Nil Expedition of the Year      DX4NIL    
4U1UN        0629Z   7021.7 Heard in AB and TX              W3LPL     
4U1UN        0622Z   7021.7 PSE 5 min for ASIA              R9AB      
4U1UN        0620Z   7021.7 up 3 tnx 73                     IK8GJR    
5T5PA        0615Z   3573.0 cq                              YO7CFD    
4U1UN        0614Z   7021.7 up2                             IU8CNE    
4U1UN        0614Z   7021.8 big sig ZL                      ZL2CC     
4U1UN        0608Z   7021.8 `73 &TNX                        K6AAM     
4U1UN        0606Z   7021.7 TU from NH, 73..                K1LO      
4U1UN        0600Z   7021.7 FB sig tnx                      JH4HMG-#  
<refreshes every minute>


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