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[IOTA] [WW25] Last 25 spots from World Wide <refreshes every minute>
TO9W         0306Z   3530.0 Problem with HF in Shack        F6BUM     
TO9W         0237Z   3530.0 cw St Martin (FS)               N9AOL     
TO9W         0209Z   7026.9 up 7028.5                       VE3AJI    
TO9W         0202Z   7027.0                                 K5PAR     
TO9W         0156Z   7027.0                                 KT4XL     
TO9W         0146Z   7027.0                                 W1UU      
TO9W         0145Z   3563.0 FT8 f/h tnx 73 from New York    N6PAT     
TO9W         0145Z   3563.4                                 WB9OVV    
TO9W         0138Z   3563.5 FT8 F/H 300 hz 3 Streams        WD9HSY    
TO9W         0136Z   3563.0 F/H                             IK7NXM    
TO9W         0133Z   3573.0 3562.0 F/H FT8 Strong           AA2T      
TO9W         0128Z   7026.9 up 1.1 working all the callers  WD9HSY    
TO9W         0125Z   7026.9 up 7028.0. tks see u            DF2VZ     
TO9W         0123Z   3564.1                                 WA5TXY    
TO9W         0119Z   3563.0 FT8 F/H                         N1UK      
TO9W         0115Z   3563.0 FT8 F/H                         N4SV      
TO9W         0107Z   3563.0 f/h tnx. 73                     HK4GSO    
TO9W         0057Z   7028.0                                 N8UOA     
TO9W         0056Z   3563.0 ft8 mshv (f/h not needed)       W9RF      
TO9W         0055Z   3563.0 F/H booming                     WB9Z      
KP2B         0055Z   7074.1 IOTA NA-106                     KG5ED     
TO9W         0051Z   3563.0 FH                              AA9A      
EA8FJ        0048Z   7075.5 IOTA AF-004 DXCC 29 WAC AF WAZ  KG5ED     
TO9W         0045Z   7026.9 579 in Rome up1 500wLW          IW0BNW    
TO9W         0023Z   7027.0 1 up tnx from Colombia          HK4GSO    

Fri Dec  2 14:51:31 JST 2022
Fri Dec  2 05:51:31 UTC 2022

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   G6ZZ         EU-005    GM5WS        EU-009    OZ2A         EU-029
   TO9W         NA-105    VP2EIH       NA-022    

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