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[DX] [US25] Last 25 spots from United States <refreshes every minute>
5W0COW       0353Z  14034.2 Heard in MA and QC              W3LPL     
R7KKO        0349Z  14076.0 TNX FOR QSO IN JT-65 73\'s      NP3DM     
G4UFK        0349Z   1826.0 tks Alan, Gud signal, QSB, QRN  K1FZ      
5W0COW       0342Z  14034.0                                 WW0WWW    
KC2VIC       0342Z 144195.0 USB FM29                        KC2VIC    
ZL2AGY       0341Z  10106.0                                 K3BR      
VK4QG        0337Z  14076.0 TNX FOR QSO IN JT-65 73\'s      NP3DM     
K5KUS        0335Z  14070.8 BPSK31                          KE1AF     
F5IN         0335Z   7011.0 CQ dx 599 in N. MI              KE8GX     
KA5CJJ       0330Z  50135.0 DM48 ES EM23                    W7DHH     
S01WS        0330Z   7160.1                                 NT9F      
KA5CJJ       0328Z  50135.0 DM48<ES>EM23                    W7DHH     
3B8DB        0328Z  14021.9 Heard in NH                     W3LPL     
ZL4IR        0326Z  14245.5 59 Michigan                     W8WDR     
KP4WK        0322Z  14076.0 TNX FOR QSO IN JT-65 73\'s      NP3DM     
TI2CC        0320Z  14205.0                                 K1TA      
W0KIZ/B      0319Z  28236.5 EM12KQ DM79NL Still 579         KF5KLV    
KF5KLV       0319Z  50125.0 cq                              W7NKR     
KH6          0317Z  14070.0 CN85RR BK29FQ psk31             KC7NOL    
W0KIZ/B      0318Z  28236.5 EM12KQ<>DM79NL Still 579        KF5KLV    
K3HR         0317Z  14076.0 TNX FOR QSO IN JT-65 73\'s      NP3DM     
KH6          0316Z  14070.0 CN85RR<>BK29FQ psk31            KC7NOL    
R7CD         0315Z  10107.1 CQ CQ                           W5RG      
W7DHH        0315Z  50135.0 EM22 ES DM49                    KC5JSV    
ER3GS        0315Z  14247.0                                 WA9Z      

Mon Jun 27 12:54:06 JST 2016
Mon Jun 27 03:54:06 UTC 2016

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