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[DX] [US25] Last 25 spots from United States <refreshes every minute>
W9HNE        1507Z  50313.0 EL98HQ ES EN53                  AE4NT     
HI3T         1507Z  50313.0                                 KA9CFD    
WP4AZT       1506Z  50313.0 FK67 DM03                       K7JA      
W9HNE        1507Z  50313.0 EL98HQ<ES>EN53                  AE4NT     
WP4AZT       1506Z  50313.0 FK67 > DM03                     K7JA      
W2VM         1505Z   7013.1 CW                              K2ZR      
PJ4X         1505Z  50313.0                                 KA9CFD    
VP5DR        1504Z  50115.0 EL98HQ ES FL41 worked both ft8  AE4NT     
VP5DR        1504Z  50115.0 EL98HQ<ES>FL41 worked both ft8  AE4NT     
VP5DR        1503Z  50115.0 em83 fl41 call corr             W4ETN     
VP5RD        1503Z  50115.0 em83 fl41 tnx Dave              W4ETN     
OY1CT        1504Z  18077.1 Heard in PA                     W3LPL     
CU3AK        1503Z  50313.0 FT8 -20 +1009hz HM68 CQ         KO1DX     
HB0WR        1503Z  18100.0                                 K4PVJ     
VP5DR        1503Z  50115.0 em83>fl41 call corr             W4ETN     
PJ4NX        1503Z  50313.0                                 KA9CFD    
VP5RD        1503Z  50115.0 em83>fl41 tnx Dave              W4ETN     
HI8CSS       1501Z  50313.0 TKS                             N4ASF     
KM9I         1500Z  50313.0 EL98HQ ES EN53                  AE4NT     
9A90P        1501Z  18079.2 EU-090                          K4DY      
CO8LY        1500Z  50313.0                                 K4YRK     
N4EX/P       1500Z  10114.0 POTA KFF-1986 (OH) lonely need  N4EX      
KM9I         1500Z  50313.0 EL98HQ<ES>EN53                  AE4NT     
9A90P        1459Z  18079.2 CQ EU-190                       K4DY      
9A90P        1500Z  18079.2 CQ EU-190                       K4DY      

Tue Jun 19 00:08:51 JST 2018
Mon Jun 18 15:08:51 UTC 2018

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