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K6EME        1702Z  50276.0 Tnx for the JT65 contact. 73    W6NIF-#   
WD5CCA       1651Z  50276.0 EN53FH ES EM51 JT65             KM9I      
WD5CCA       1651Z  50276.0 EN53FH<ES>EM51 JT65             KM9I      
ZS6AI        1646Z  18102.0 JT65                            K1VC      
WP2B         1640Z  50276.0 FN42 ES FK77 JT65 1848          N1SV      
WP2B         1640Z  50276.0 FN42<ES>FK77 JT65 1848          N1SV      
W2LMM        1624Z  50276.0 TU JT65 EL88> FN30              N0SMX     
W2LMM        1624Z  50276.0 TU JT65 EL88 FN30               N0SMX     
W3XS/KP2     1623Z  50276.0 CQ jt65                         WP2B      
N2SG         1613Z  24917.0 JT65 -1DB VA FM07               N4QWF     
WQ5L         1612Z  24917.0 JT65 -1 DB VA FM07              N4QWF     
N4AU         1602Z  24917.0 JT65 -1DB VA FM07               N4QWF     
EA8AQV       1558Z  50276.0 CQ jt65 -21                     WP2B      
W6DCC        1549Z  50276.0 EM17 ES DM13 JT65A              KI6DY     
W6DCC        1549Z  50276.0 EM17<ES>DM13 JT65A              KI6DY     
KB3CNH       1528Z  50276.0 JT65 -22dB (SWL)                NA6L      
M5JON        1527Z  14084.5 RTTY                            W1CTN     
KA4PNV       1515Z  28076.0 JT65 -8db                       N4BLH     
SV5/DL3DRN   1509Z  14087.0 Dodecanese Island RTTY          AC4VM     
KI6NPG       1510Z  14070.0 PSK31 CQ California             KI6NPG    
N8CDY        1509Z  28076.0 JT65 -18db                      N4BLH     
SV5/DL3DRN   1507Z  14087.0 Dodecanese Isl. RTTY            AC4VM     
SV5/DL3DRN   1504Z  14087.0 59 RTTY in KY                   AC4VM     
KB3MOW       1459Z  28076.0 JT65 -19db                      N4BLH     
KG5THG       1458Z  28076.0 JT65 -10db                      N4BLH     
EA8AQV       1458Z  50276.0 TU jt65 QSO                     WP2B      
KK9G         1458Z  28076.0 JT65 -18db                      N4BLH     
WE5EE        1454Z  28076.0 JT65 -3db                       N4BLH     
N5JEH        1451Z  50276.0 DM65 - EL49 JT65 Nice Sigs      N5OMG     
N5JEH        1451Z  50276.0 DM65<->EL49 JT65 Nice Sigs      N5OMG     
N2VFL/B      1442Z  28076.0 JT65 -23db                      N4BLH     
EA8AQV       1438Z  50276.0 CQ jt65                         WP2B      
KJ4QXC       1430Z  14076.0 JT65                            N3DGE     
KD8JV        1357Z  24917.0 JT65 -13DB VA FM07              N4QWF     
4U1ITU       1353Z  14087.0 RTTY Heard in PA                W3LPL     
N9YLE        1349Z  24917.0 JT65 -19DB VA FM07              N4QWF     
HK3DC        1302Z  14071.4 BPSK31 Daniel 10001100 Bogota   K1KOB     
FR5FC        1244Z  14076.0 JT65                            NS9I      
T88WJ        1110Z  14093.4 RTTY Heard in NV                W3LPL     
4U1ITU       1057Z  14083.0 RTTY Heard in PA                W3LPL     
T88WJ        1052Z   7058.3 RTTY                            N4VN      
T88WJ        1040Z   7058.4 RTTY Heard in NV                W3LPL     
K1KEN        0938Z   7077.1 JT65                            K9VER     
VP8LP        0923Z   7044.7 RTTY Heard in NV                W3LPL     
KL7J         0558Z   7076.0 JT65                            W2SKI     
E51DWC       0524Z  14081.0 RTTY                            K2RD      
E51DWC       0519Z  14081.0 RTTY Heard in WA and NV         W3LPL     
TR8CA        0514Z   7076.0 JT65                            K5XI      
E51DWC       0510Z   7048.1 RTTY Heard in NV and MA         W3LPL     
N7VR         0504Z   7076.0 JT65 Montana                    K5XI      

Tue May 30 02:06:34 JST 2017
Mon May 29 17:06:34 UTC 2017

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