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[Digital] [US] <refreshes every minute>
TR8CA        0224Z   3569.0 FT8 FH                          N3NT      
TO9W         0218Z  14074.0 FT8 nomal correction.           W9MK      
K3QF         0218Z  50313.0 FT8 CQ FN10                     K3SX      
W4IMD        0215Z  50313.0 EN57 ES EM84 ft8 +3 tu Peter    KB8W      
W4IMD        0214Z  50313.0 EN57<ES>EM84 ft8 +3 tu Peter    KB8W      
9G2HO        0155Z   1840.0 FT8                             N4RF      
WA1EZA       0147Z  50313.0 EN62BG ES FN42HM FT8            WB9LZA    
WA1EZA       0146Z  50313.0 EN62BG<ES>FN42HM FT8            WB9LZA    
F5MYK/MM     0122Z  14074.0 ft8 nw OJ21                     W6XK      
MM0EAX       0105Z   1840.0 FT8 - tnx                       KB0EO     
DU6/PE1NSQ   0055Z  14074.0 CQ FT8 tnx                      KB0EO     
4S7AB        0052Z   1836.0 worked SC!! Normal FT8          K9RX      
EI4DQ        0036Z   5357.0 FT8                             KA1F      
KM1Z         0030Z  28074.0 EN35KB ES EM65 R-16 FT8         K0NXV     
KM1Z         0029Z  28074.0 EN35KB<ES>EM65 R-16 FT8         K0NXV     
N9VPV        0010Z  28074.0 EM85SH ES EN40TW FT8 Tnx 73     KC4AAW    
N9VPV        0010Z  28074.0 EM85SH<ES>EN40TW FT8 Tnx 73     KC4AAW    
PZ5RA        0002Z   1840.0 FT8                             NK0S      
*****************   2019/12/12 00:00:02 UTC  NOW!!   *****************
KC8MUE       2356Z  28074.0 EM85SH ES EN63TL FT8 Tnx 73     KC4AAW    
KC8MUE       2356Z  28074.0 EM85SH<ES>EN63TL FT8 Tnx 73     KC4AAW    
AA4DD        2353Z  28074.0 EN35KB ES EM86 R-09 FT8         K0NXV     
AA4DD        2353Z  28074.0 EN35KB<ES>EM86 R-09 FT8         K0NXV     
N4FV         2351Z  28074.0 EN35KB ES EM86OD R-18 FT8       K0NXV     
N2SV         2350Z  28074.0 EN35KB ES FM08AR R-07 FT8       K0NXV     
N4FV         2350Z  28074.0 EN35KB<ES>EM86OD R-18 FT8       K0NXV     
N2SV         2350Z  28074.0 EN35KB<ES>FM08AR R-07 FT8       K0NXV     
NQ0I         2349Z  28074.0 EN35KB ES EM93 -20 FT8          K0NXV     
KK4OWZ       2349Z  28074.0 EN35KB ES FM17 -14 FT8          K0NXV     
NQ0I         2349Z  28074.0 EN35KB<ES>EM93 -20 FT8          K0NXV     
KN4IQE       2348Z  28074.0 EN35KB ES FM05GF R-13 FT8       K0NXV     
KK4OWZ       2348Z  28074.0 EN35KB<ES>FM17 -14 FT8          K0NXV     
KN4IQE       2348Z  28074.0 EN35KB<ES>FM05GF R-13 FT8       K0NXV     
AA9GL        2340Z  28074.0 FT8                             KN4IQE    
FO5QB        2336Z  18102.2 ft8                             K7TRK     
FO5QB        2334Z  18100.0 FT8                             KG4W      
WB0EMJ       2333Z  28074.0 FT8                             KN4IQE    
NG0N         2322Z  28074.0 ft8                             NF3R      
V47JA        2320Z   7074.0 FT8                             NR1DX     
YB1CUZ       2314Z  10137.9 FT8                             K9JN      
5T5PA        2314Z  10136.7 FT8                             K9JN      
K7JHM        2301Z  14071.3 PSK31                           KI4VMK    
CM7VI        2246Z   7074.0 ft8 -23 in tx                   KB2IOF    
TO9W         2241Z    14.09 ft8 F/H. JA's                   AA6RK     
EA4TD        2222Z   7074.0 FT8                             WE9V      
TO9W         2219Z  10140.0 RTTY UP 1                       NS2X      
A45XR        2214Z   5357.0 FT8 CQ                          N4RJ      
TO9W         2214Z  10143.0 RTTY Heard in MA                W3LPL     
YB9AY        2212Z   5357.0 FT8 -03                         N4RJ      
JA1MZL       2210Z  10138.1 FT8                             K0TC      

Thu Dec 12 11:38:54 JST 2019
Thu Dec 12 02:38:54 UTC 2019

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