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OH8LXT       0610Z  14074.0 FT8                             KG7ULE    
OE4VIE       0602Z  14074.0 FT8                             KG7ULE    
WH6FQE       0537Z  14074.0 FT8                             KG7ULE    
WA7DUH       0439Z  50313.0 DN71EH ES DN06 FT8 -10 1810     WB7CJO    
WA7DUH       0439Z  50313.0 DN71EH<ES>DN06 FT8 -10 1810     WB7CJO    
KH9/N7NVK    0433Z  14074.0 FT8                             N7XR      
KD8JEL       0347Z  28074.0 DN14CS ES EN71LW FT8            WR7X      
KD8JEL       0345Z  28074.0 DN14CS<ES>EN71LW FT8            WR7X      
W7OK         0342Z  50313.0 EN73PJ ES CN86 CQ FT8           KF6A      
W7OK         0342Z  50313.0 EN73PJ<ES>CN86 CQ FT8           KF6A      
KE4VJF       0339Z  28074.0 DN14CS ES EM95JN FT8            WR7X      
K5XI         0339Z  50313.0 EN73PJ ES DM09EI CQ FT8         KF6A      
W3XS         0338Z  50313.0 EN73PJ ES CN74 CQ FT8           KF6A      
VE7VZ        0338Z  50313.0 EN73PJ ES DN09MM CQ FT8         KF6A      
KE4VJF       0339Z  28074.0 DN14CS<ES>EM95JN FT8            WR7X      
K5XI         0338Z  50313.0 EN73PJ<ES>DM09EI CQ FT8         KF6A      
W3XS         0338Z  50313.0 EN73PJ<ES>CN74 CQ FT8           KF6A      
VE7VZ        0338Z  50313.0 EN73PJ<ES>DN09MM CQ FT8         KF6A      
N0MQ         0336Z  28074.0 DN14CS ES EN24 FT8              WR7X      
N0MQ         0335Z  28074.0 DN14CS<ES>EN24 FT8              WR7X      
W7EW         0334Z  50313.0 FT8 -20 +1491hz CN84 CQ         KO1DX     
K0GU         0329Z  50313.0 EN73PJ DN70MQ CQ AS FT8         KF6A      
AF5QR        0328Z   5358.1 FT8                             AB1OC     
K0GU         0328Z  50313.0 EN73PJ<>DN70MQ CQ AS FT8        KF6A      
WV4P         0323Z   1841.5 FT8                             K4HYJ-6   
WV4P         0323Z   1841.5 FT8                             K4HYJ     
K3FS         0320Z   1840.8 FT8                             K4HYJ-6   
K3FS         0320Z   1840.8 FT8                             K4HYJ     
NT5A         0313Z  28074.0 DN14CS ES DM14 FT8              WR7X      
K4YZZ        0313Z   1842.0 FT8                             K4HYJ     
K4YZZ        0313Z   1842.0 FT8                             K4HYJ-6   
NT5A         0311Z  28074.0 DN14CS<ES>DM14 FT8              WR7X      
KC5LT        0310Z   1841.8 FT8                             K4HYJ-6   
KC5LT        0310Z   1841.8 FT8                             K4HYJ     
K7VZ         0309Z  28074.0 DN14CS ES DM33MM FT8            WR7X      
N4ART        0308Z   1841.4 FT8                             K4HYJ-6   
KL1T         0307Z   5358.3 FT8                             AB1OC     
K7VZ         0308Z  28074.0 DN14CS<ES>DM33MM FT8            WR7X      
N4ART        0308Z   1841.4 FT8                             K4HYJ     
N4KM         0304Z  28074.8 FT8                             W1WC      
SP6IM        0302Z   5358.8 FT8                             AB1OC     
N7NW         0300Z  50313.0 EN73PJ ES CN87MM CQ FT8         KF6A      
K7NK         0300Z  50313.0 EN73PJ ES CN88 CQ FT8           KF6A      
N7NW         0300Z  50313.0 EN73PJ<ES>CN87MM CQ FT8         KF6A      
K7NK         0300Z  50313.0 EN73PJ<ES>CN88 CQ FT8           KF6A      
KG6PH        0253Z   5358.5 FT8                             AB1OC     
E73Y         0242Z   5358.9 FT8                             AB1OC     
WD9ATP       0241Z  28074.0 DN14CS ES EN70KE FT8            WR7X      
WD9ATP       0241Z  28074.0 DN14CS<ES>EN70KE FT8            WR7X      
K9K          0218Z   3572.5 FT8; IL Worked All Capitals SE  W9FE      

Tue Aug 14 15:48:17 JST 2018
Tue Aug 14 06:48:17 UTC 2018

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