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[Digital] [WW] <refreshes every minute>
RK4CYW       0848Z  10136.0 FT8 -05dB 0Hz                   DK7ZT     
SP9YFF       0846Z   7074.0 ft8 wca sp-03238 amg090         SO9DXX    
DH5SAM       0846Z   7074.0 FT8 -05dB from JN48 1762Hz      SP8NFO    
FK8HA        0846Z  18100.0 FT8  tnx!                       IK0LYL    
FK8HA        0845Z  18100.0 ft8                             DJ6TF     
3D2AG        0842Z  18100.0 FT8                             DJ6TF     
UA9LDT       0841Z  14074.0 FT8 -73 gl                      SP3DOF    
FK8HA        0839Z 180100.0 FT8                             IN3BFW    
M0BPQ        0839Z  10136.0 FT8 -03dB from IO91 0Hz         DK7ZT     
A41KB        0838Z  21074.0 JN57IW LL93GO tnx ft8           DL4MFF    
DL1DUZ       0837Z  10136.0 FT8 -14dB from JO61 727Hz       DK7ZT     
A41KB        0837Z  21074.0 JN57IW<>LL93GO tnx ft8          DL4MFF    
GI6ISW       0832Z  28074.0 JN57IW IO64SL tnx ft8           DL4MFF    
GI6ISW       0832Z  28074.0 JN57IW<>IO64SL tnx ft8          DL4MFF    
M7DRC        0831Z  10136.0 FT8 -09dB from IO90 0Hz         DK7ZT     
UT1AN        0828Z  28074.0 JN57IW KO70KH tnx ft8           DL4MFF    
UT1AN        0828Z  28074.0 JN57IW<>KO70KH tnx ft8          DL4MFF    
EI9JF        0827Z  28074.0 JN57IW IO63OD tnx ft8           DL4MFF    
OJ0JR        0825Z  10131.0 FT8 f/h                         DJ6TF     
EI9JF        0826Z  28074.0 JN57IW<>IO63OD tnx ft8          DL4MFF    
SP9Y         0824Z  10137.5 FT8 IN73xi JN99xx               EA1AHY    
A92AA        0824Z  14075.6 FT8                             UT7VN     
EU2Q         0822Z  14074.0 FT8 -03dB from KO34 1102Hz      HG8LXL    
OH3SUS       0821Z  10137.8 FT8 IN73xi KP20                 EA1AHY    
G7KEJ        0821Z   7074.0 FT8 -12dB from IO83 2242Hz      OK1ASG    
G0DYW        0821Z  10136.0 FT8 +07dB from IO91 0Hz         DK7ZT     
UN3G         0818Z  21074.0 FT8 +23 dB 1203 Hz              RA3RF     
G8PY         0818Z  14074.0 FT8 -12dB from IO92 1672Hz      HG8LXL    
OJ0JR        0814Z  10131.3 FT8 IN73xi JP90nh               EA1AHY    
RN4AEW       0813Z  18101.6 IN52 LN28 FT8 Sent: +00 Rcv     EA1YV     
3T1TQW       0813Z 144174.0 FT8 -21 dB 1651 Hz cq           SM7NMO    
RN4AEW       0813Z  18101.6 IN52<>LN28 FT8  Sent: +00  Rcv  EA1YV     
DL2LG        0812Z  10136.0 FT8 -14dB 1059Hz                DK7ZT     
R9MM         0811Z  18100.0 M-DX-C FT8 1893                 R9MM      
SM0ECF       0810Z  10136.0 FT8 -03dB 0Hz                   DK7ZT     
OZ1LXW       0807Z  10136.0 FT8 -09dB from JO55 2253Hz      SP8NFO    
LZ595IP      0806Z  14075.2 FT8 tnx 73                      RV6AGB    
IT9ACJ/I/BO  0806Z   7074.0 FT8 -14dB 805Hz                 OK1ASG    
OH3SUS       0805Z  10136.0 FT8 -18dB from KP20 1793Hz      DK7ZT     
OE6KLF       0803Z  10136.0 FT8 -14dB from JN77 0Hz         DK7ZT     
G0LMX        0802Z  10136.0 FT8 +01dB 1676Hz                DK7ZT     
S79KW        0801Z  14076.4 FT8 6766km JN63pn LI75 -16dB    IK6HSM    
G4PPN        0800Z  10136.0 FT8 -11dB 483Hz                 DK7ZT     
OE2LCM       0800Z  10136.0 FT8 -03dB 0Hz                   DK7ZT     
EH4MCG       0800Z  21074.0 SES FT8 Maraton Cuentos Guadal  EA4HCZ    
IX1VGS       0759Z  10136.0 FT8 +02dB from JN35 943Hz       SP8NFO    
2E1FMS       0757Z  10136.0 FT8 -07dB from IO82 0Hz         DK7ZT     
G4RRM        0756Z  10136.0 FT8 -07dB 2013Hz                DK7ZT     
JA5NLN       0754Z  14074.0 TNX/FT8                         VK2SOL    
IK1RGR       0753Z  10136.0 FT8 -07dB from JN34 0Hz         DK7ZT     

Fri Sep 25 17:49:10 JST 2020
Fri Sep 25 08:49:10 UTC 2020

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