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[Digital] [JA] <refreshes every minute>
FK8HA        0450Z  28074.0 FT8                             JI1BXD-#  
TX6D         0438Z  24915.0 ft8 cq agn!!!.                  JF1KKV    
EA8TL        0434Z  24915.0 ft8 cq cq +1352hz l/p.?.        JF1KKV    
FK8FI        0420Z  28074.0 FT8 OC-032                      JA1JXT-#  
TX6D         0416Z  24915.0 ft8 cq +802hz                   JF1KKV    
7Q7EMH       0413Z  21074.0 ft8 cq cq +435hz +06db l/p.     JF1KKV    
5W1SA        0359Z  50313.0 FT8 calling HC2FG               JG1TSG-#  
FK8HA        0305Z  50313.0 FT8 CQ 950Hz                    JG1TSG-#  
YV6CA        0138Z  28074.0 FT8                             JK1JXB-#  
LU3MCG       0128Z  28075.6 FT8 TNX QSO                     JA1PPD-9  
HC5T         0124Z  28075.5 FT8 TNX QSO                     JA1PPD-9  
N1NRA        0018Z  28075.6 FT8 VT                          JE3MDQ-9  
5X3K         0014Z  14088.0 FT8                             JR7XOD-#  
*****************   2023/10/03 00:00:02 UTC  NOW!!   *****************
YB1OVY       2339Z  18100.0 FT8 YL                          JA1JXT-#  
PZ5RA        2217Z  21074.0 ft8 cq asia +1792hz -07db.      JF1KKV    
VP8WA        2214Z  21074.0 ft8 cq +1407hz l/p.             JF1KKV    
PZ5RA        2206Z  21074.0 ft8 +1793hz.                    JF1KKV    
VK9LAA       2204Z  21080.0 FT8                             JI1CPN-#  
ZD9W         2134Z  14084.6 FT8 2streams FB Sigs            JE3MDQ-9  
ZD9W         2128Z  14084.0 FT8                             JG3TRB-#  
FG5FI        2110Z  18100.0 ft8 +1514hz.                    JF1KKV    
SV9ANC       2045Z  14074.5 FT8 TNX QSO                     JA1PPD-9  
HI8S         2043Z  21074.0 ft8 +506hz.                     JF1KKV    
5X3K         2042Z   3567.0 FT8 Tnx qso                     JH7AUL-#  
FG5FI        2034Z  24915.0 ft8 1516hz.                     JF1KKV    
5X3K         1706Z  14085.0 FT8                             JA0NFP-#  
5X3K         1514Z  21096.0 FT8 F/H                         JH7RTQ-#  
FR4OP        1358Z  21074.6 FT8                             JA8LUQ-9  
5X3K         1259Z  24923.0 ft8 cq +403hz Rcv -3dB          JR3XMG-#  
5X3K         1239Z  21096.5 FT8 F/H                         JA8LUQ-9  
T77C         1218Z  24915.0 FT8 +1390                       JA6CDC-#  
T22T         1202Z  21091.0 FT8                             JI1CPN-#  
T22T         1157Z  14090.0 CQ FT8                          JA3IBU-#  
ZD9W         1150Z  14086.6 FT8 CQ LP                       JH6RKI-9  
ZD9W         1144Z  14086.6 FT8 CQ                          JH6RKI-9  
S21NW        1142Z  24915.0 ft8 +633hz.                     JF1KKV    
5X3K         1122Z  21096.0 FT8                             JR7DXE-#  
T22T         1103Z   3573.0 ft8                             JE5FKL-9  
5X3K         1038Z  24923.0 FT8 TNX QSO!                    JG4BLW    
3X1A         1029Z  21100.0 FT8 F/H                         JH7RTQ-#  
EA9ACD       0930Z  28076.2 FT8 LP                          JE3MDQ-9  
T22T         0846Z   3573.3 FT8                             JE3MDQ-9  
CU3EM        0837Z  10136.0 ft8 +1788hz l/p.                JF1KKV    
4L7CE        0836Z  28074.0 FT8                             JJ1AYX    
OK6RA        0823Z  28074.0 FT8                             JJ1AYX    
SV5AZK       0811Z  28074.0 FT8 TNX                         JF6QWX-#  
ZD9W         0807Z   7084.5 FT8 F/H 3streams                JE3MDQ-9  
VK9LAA       0755Z  10131.0 FT8 F/H AGN                     JR7DXE-#  
ZD9W         0728Z  10143.0 FT8                             JJ2KDZ-#  

Tue Oct  3 13:55:09 JST 2023
Tue Oct  3 04:55:09 UTC 2023

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