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[Digital] [JA] <refreshes every minute>
XX9D         1522Z   3573.0 ft8 normal-mode                 JI1BXD-#  
V31YN        1406Z   7074.0 FT8 TNX QSO                     JH3KCW-#  
T31EU        1352Z   7056.0 FT8 f/h                         JA9FAI-#  
T31EU        1352Z   7056.0 FT8 F/H                         JE1HRC-#  
V31YN        1244Z   7074.0 FT8 -8 tnx                      JA5CEX-#  
ZF2LC        1141Z   7074.0 ft8                             JF3OWJ-#  
XX9D         0930Z   7070.0 ft8 f/h mode                    JI1BXD-#  
XX9D         0920Z  10136.0 FT8                             HL2WA     
T31EU        0831Z   7056.0 FT8 NO F/H MODE                 JH1AQG-#  
T31EU        0757Z   7056.0 tnx. ft8 f/h                    DS3EXX    
6W1SR        0749Z   7074.0 FT8 Via LP                      JR1XIS-#  
V31MA        0716Z  10136.0 ft8 -10 heard (538).            JF1KKV    
V31MA        0715Z  10136.0 ft8                             JA3KAW-#  
JD1BHA       0703Z   7074.0 CQ FT8 (DX NoJA)                JJ2RON-#  
XX9D         0620Z  28074.0 FT8 CQ                          JA1JRK    
XX9D         0528Z  10136.0 CQ FT8                          DS3EXX    
T31EU        0508Z  10136.0 ft8                             JR9LKE-#  
R7MA         0434Z  18100.0 FT8                             JS2AGG    
XX9D         0413Z  10136.0 CQ FT8                          JA3IBU-#  
XX9D         0345Z  21079.0 ft8 f/h mode                    JI1BXD-#  
T31EU        0340Z  10137.0 FT8 Tks 73!                     JH1KLE-#  
XX9D         0334Z  14074.0 ft8 normal-mode                 JI1BXD-#  
XX9D         0236Z  21074.0 FT8                             JI1CPN-#  
XX9D         0232Z  14078.0 FT8                             JR2PAU-#  
XX9D         0220Z  18100.0 ft8 normal-mode                 JI1BXD-#  
T88DT        0003Z  18100.0 QSY 17m FT8                     JE1SYN-#  
*****************   2019/02/18 00:00:02 UTC  NOW!!   *****************
EA8AXT       2236Z   7074.0 ft8                             JA3KAW-#  
SU9GS        2210Z   7074.0 ft8                             JF3OWJ-#  
T31EU        2120Z  10136.0 FT8 1696                        JM1XCW    
XX9D         2111Z   7074.0 FT8                             HL2WA     
XX9D         1942Z   1815.0 FT8 CQ 1908                     JA9AVA-#  
T32EU        1927Z   7056.0 FT8 Tnx QSO!                    JE7KJG-#  
XX9D         1901Z   1815.0 JA FT8 Frq 1908 ,PSE QSX        JA4LXY    
MU0FAL       1710Z  10136.0 tnx qso FT8                     JG0CQK-9  
T31EU        1532Z   7056.0 FT8 F/H                         JA1WSK    
3B8FV        1529Z  14074.0 ft8 tu 73                       DS3BNU    
JT1YL        1257Z   7074.0 FT8                             JF3OWJ-#  
XX9D         1247Z   3533.0 CW CQ under local SSB/FT8 QRM   HL1VAU    
XX9D         1235Z   7046.0 CQ RTTY up                      JK1KSB-#  
V84SAA       1225Z   7074.0 FT8 TNX 1.8 log on              JH3GCN-#  
HI8CJ        1005Z   7074.0 FT8 TKS                         JH4HMG-#  
XV9ZT        0850Z  18100.0 FT8, tnx QSO                    HL2WA     
EI4KF        0846Z  10136.0 CQ JA FT8 +2601Hz               JR0AMD-#  
V84SAA       0844Z  21074.0 ft8                             JH3GCN-#  
XV9B0        0825Z  18100.0 FT8, tnx QSO                    HL2WA     
XX9D         0823Z  10136.0 FT8 CQ                          JA1HOX-#  
F4EBT        0821Z  14074.0 FT8 CQ JA                       JL1FOR-#  
V84SAA       0737Z  24150.0 PSE AGN FT8 MODE 12m            JH0NOS-#  
E20WXA       0732Z  28074.0 FT8, tnx QSO                    HL2WA     

Tue Feb 19 02:26:25 JST 2019
Mon Feb 18 17:26:25 UTC 2019

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