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5X3R         0032Z  18104.0 FT8 CQn F/H                     JE1SYN-#  
*****************   2022/07/04 00:00:06 UTC  NOW!!   *****************
WD0BGZ       2351Z  50314.2 FT8 Tnx                         JA7QVI-9  
KP2B         2303Z  21074.0 FT8                             JI1CPN-#  
KP2B         2300Z  21074.6 FT8                             JM6JIG-9  
AI0Y         2238Z  21074.0 FT8 ND                          JA3UCO-#  
HK3X         2214Z  24915.0 ft8 +1050hz.                    JF1KKV    
XE2J         2214Z  24915.0 ft8 cq cq +814hz                JF1KKV    
HI8J         2200Z  21074.0 ft8 +1854hz.                    JF1KKV    
7Q5RU        2158Z   7074.0 FT8 TNX                         JH3KCW-#  
7Q5RU        2135Z  10136.0 FT8 MSHV                        JA2HYD-#  
7Q5RU        2110Z  14074.0 FT8                             JJ1ENZ-#  
ST2NH        2106Z  14074.0 FT8, -8                         JF3VEC-#  
9Y4DG        2048Z  21074.0 ft8 cq +2170hz,.                JF1KKV    
HH2JA        2042Z  21074.0 ft8 +2440hz,.                   JF1KKV    
EP5CHD       2028Z  14074.0 CQ FT8 +273Hz                   JR0AMD-#  
3D2AJT       2025Z  18100.5 FT8                             JA4CPP-9  
ST2NH        2024Z  14076.3 FT8                             JI2IXA-9  
CU6AD        1952Z  18100.0 ft8 cq +1411hz.                 JF1KKV    
7X2HF        1932Z  18100.0 ft8 +1539hz +04db hrd.          JF1KKV    
3D2AJT       1932Z  10136.0 FT8 CQn                         JE1SYN-#  
D2UY         1836Z  21074.0 ft8                             JA7AUM-#  
5X3R         1814Z  14090.0 ft8 cq cq cq +284hz +06d f/h?.  JF1KKV    
ZY0FUN       1800Z  21074.0 FT8 852Hz                       JN3MXT-#  
KP2B         1713Z  21074.0 ft8 +587hz -10db hrd.           JF1KKV    
OY1DZ        1707Z  18100.0 FT8 TNX                         JH3KCW-#  
OY1DZ        1653Z  18100.0 ft8 cq +2413hz.                 JF1KKV    
5Z4VJ        1405Z  28074.0 FT8 strong as usual             JH1LPZ-#  
K2E          1352Z  18073.0 CW DE CU FT8 for digtal         JG3IWL-#  
ZS6HON       1302Z  24915.0 FT8 hrd                         JP1GUW    
PY3RK        1142Z  21074.0 FT8                             JA1JXT-#  
OJ0JR        1101Z  21091.0 FT8 CQ                          JN3MXT-#  
ZD7BG        1050Z  21074.0 FT8                             JF3KON-#  
7P8AB        0958Z  24915.0 FT8                             JH3GRO-#  
FG5FU        0956Z   7074.0 FT8 TNX 999Hz                   7K4PTY-#  
V51LZ        0948Z  21074.0 ft8                             JA7AUM-#  
BD4RHV       0946Z 144460.0 FT8 TNX                         JH3KCW-#  
HC2AO        0844Z   7074.0 FT8 TNX CQ...                   7K4PTY-#  
OJ0JR        0729Z  21093.9 FT8                             JL1GHQ-9  
8J3XXVI/3    0723Z   7042.5 FT8                             JE0HBT-9  
9N7AA        0650Z  50323.0 FT8 F/H                         JA7OVC-9  
9N7AA        0645Z  50313.3 FT8                             JG7DLI-9  
5X3R         0621Z  21090.0 FT8 279hz                       JH1EDD-#  
E51WL        0555Z  10136.0 FT8 CQ                          JH4HMG-#  
9N7AA        0544Z  50313.0 Back to FT8 again, FB signal    JS2IYY-#  
9N7AA        0542Z  50313.0 FT8                             JA7OVC-9  
FW1JG        0529Z  14090.0 CQ FT8 F/H Mode                 JR0AMD-#  
HL4HPK       0517Z  50313.0 CQ ft8 AS-026 Cheju Isl.        JG8IBY-#  
FP/KV1J      0442Z  14074.0 pse 20m FT8                     JA9NUN-9  
FP/KV1J      0440Z  14074.0 pse 20,17m FT8                  JA9NUN-9  

Mon Jul  4 09:41:24 JST 2022
Mon Jul  4 00:41:24 UTC 2022

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