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[Digital] [JA] <refreshes every minute>
9J2BS        1643Z  24915.0 ft8 +618hz .                    JF1KKV    
VK9WX        1410Z  18095.0 FT8                             JJ0AWX-#  
VK9NT        1240Z  14090.0 FT8 F/H                         JH7RTQ-#  
DU1/SP5APW   1231Z   7074.0 CQ ft8 OC-092 Calayan Isl.      JG8IBY-#  
9N7AA        1209Z  10136.0 FT8                             JA1JXT-#  
3D2AJT       1144Z  18100.0 FT8                             JK1PEC-9  
C21TS        1109Z  28074.0 ft8 +732hz,.                    JF1KKV    
4X4DK        1051Z  50313.0 FT8 FB SIG TNX                  JG4BLW    
V31MA        1033Z   3573.0 FT8 CQ                          JE1HRC-#  
3D2AG        0957Z  50313.0 +443Hz FT8                      JJ1BDX-#  
9X5RU        0937Z  28074.0 FT8 CQ                          JM1HJG-#  
DC8SG        0928Z  28074.0 TNX FT8 from pm95               JJ1AYX    
OE5TXF       0900Z  28074.0 TNX FT8 from pm95               JJ1AYX    
C21TS        0859Z  50313.0 FT8 650Hz tu QSO                JG1TSG-#  
HB9BEP       0839Z  28074.0 TNX FT8 from pm95               JJ1AYX    
ZD7CTO       0809Z  14074.0 FT8                             JR7DXE-#  
3D2AG        0804Z  50313.0 FT8 -0dB +287 cq                JG3RXZ-#  
FW1JG        0639Z  28095.7 FT8 F/H MODE FBSigs             JE3MDQ    
C21TS        0631Z  28090.5 FT8 F/H Mode                    JE3MDQ    
4L4DX        0610Z  28074.0 FT8                             JA1JXT-#  
XV1X         0452Z  50313.0 FT8-4dB Heard                   JA7OVC-9  
J79WTA       0403Z  18100.0 FT8                             JH3GCN-#  
TO1Q         0031Z  18100.0 FT8                             JA0HWF-#  
LU5FF        0025Z  50313.5 FT8 tks                         JA7QVI-9  
3C3CA        0002Z  18100.6 FT8                             7M2PDT-9  
*****************   2023/03/23 00:00:08 UTC  NOW!!   *****************
9X5RU        2327Z  14095.0 ft8 cq cq                       JA4DHN-#  
9X5RU        2210Z   7060.4 FT8                             JE3MDQ-9  
D2UY         2112Z  10136.0 FT8                             JH3GCN-#  
9X5RU        2050Z  10131.7 FT8 TNX QSO                     JA1PPD-9  
CT9/DJ9KM    2034Z  10136.0 FT8 Madeira Is. TNX QSO         JF1KWI-#  
9X5RU        2016Z   7060.0 FT8 F/H                         JH3GCN-#  
9X5RU        2014Z  18100.7 FT8 MSHV FB Sigs                JE3MDQ    
9X5RU        1958Z  18100.0 FT8 F/H                         JA7DXX-#  
9X5RU        1813Z  14095.0 FT8                             JJ5RBH-9  
8X5RU        1813Z  14095.0 FT8                             JJ5RBH-9  
9XU5RU       1811Z  14095.0 FT8                             JJ5RBH-9  
9X5RU        1536Z  10136.0 FT8                             JA1JXT-#  
9X5RU        1533Z  10136.0 FT8 TNX                         JR3NDM-#  
9X5RU        1525Z  14095.7 FT8 LP                          JA8LUQ-9  
8J1RL        1448Z  14074.8 FT8                             JA8LUQ-9  
KH0/7L1EYY   1335Z  18100.0 FT8 TNX                         JS2IYY-#  
9X5RU        1301Z  18100.0 FT8 F/H                         JH3GCN-#  
VK9NT        1139Z  10131.3 FT8 F/H MODE                    JE3MDQ-9  
9X5RU        1136Z  24915.0 FT8 CL, best 12m @1110z in JA   JP1GUW    
VK4FNQ       1033Z  50313.0 FT8                             JA1JXT-#  
5A1AL        1014Z  28074.0 ft8                             JA4MOK-#  
9X5RU        0948Z  24915.0 FT8                             JF2SQB-#  
VK9NT        0947Z  18095.0 FT8 CQ F/H                      JF2SQB-#  
3D2AG        0928Z  50313.0 +352Hz FT8                      JJ1BDX-#  

Fri Mar 24 03:34:09 JST 2023
Thu Mar 23 18:34:09 UTC 2023

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