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[DX] [JA25] Last 25 spots from Japan <refreshes every minute>
3D2CR        0321Z  18095.0 FT8 TNX 4 bands in 1 hour       JA1JXT-#  
3D2CR        0312Z  28091.0 FT8 F/H                         JA1JXT-#  
3D2CR        0252Z  21091.0 1st call                        JA1JXT-#  
3D2CR        0242Z  14090.0 1st call                        JA1JXT-#  
NL8F         0232Z  10136.0 FT8                             JA1JXT-#  
KL7J         0212Z  10136.0 FT8                             JA1JXT-#  
3D2CR        0158Z  21091.0 FT8 F/H                         JA3OOK-#  
AL7JX        0154Z  18079.0 TNX QSO GLEN SAN                JH3DJX-#  
TI2VVV       0048Z  18100.0 ft8                             JR3XMG-#  
3D2CR        0043Z  28091.0 FT8 F/H                         7J1ADJ-#  
WQ6Q         2344Z  18100.0 TNX FT8 from pm95               JJ1AYX    
3D2CR        2342Z  28091.2 FT8                             JA5XAE    
FM4SA        2314Z  21074.0 cq                              JE2HUW-#  
HK3IXI       2301Z  21074.0 ft8 cq                          JR3XMG-#  
CO8MCL       2246Z  21074.0 ft8 cq,.                        JF1KKV    
HK4GSO       2245Z  21074.0 ft8                             JR3XMG-#  
HK4GSO       2240Z  21074.0 ft8 cq,.                        JF1KKV    
VE7MTW       2239Z  18130.0                                 JK4CHT-9  
CO7YS        2239Z  21074.0 ft8 cq,.                        JF1KKV    
3D2CR        2231Z  14090.0 F/H                             JJ1ENZ-#  
WP4G         2230Z  18100.0 ft8 cq                          JR3XMG-#  
8P6FH        2225Z  18100.0 ft8 tnx qso                     JR3XMG-#  
NP4TX        2224Z  18100.0 ft8 cq                          JR3XMG-#  
CP6UA        2223Z  18100.0 ft8 cq                          JR3XMG-#  
9Y4DG        2223Z  18100.0 ft8 cq                          JR3XMG-#  

Mon Sep 20 13:27:52 JST 2021
Mon Sep 20 04:27:52 UTC 2021

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"THE TOP 10" of last 5000 spots at 0415Z:
   3D2CR D60AC W1Z TI200I W6H WB1Z W6T D60AD W1W L21RCA 

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