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[DX] [JA25] Last 25 spots from Japan <refreshes every minute>
CX7CO        0905Z   7003.4                                 JF3EIG-#  
TX7T         0855Z   3600.0 FT8 F/H                         JA1EOD-9  
CX9BU        0821Z  10136.0 TNX FT-8                        JR3NZC-9  
TX7T         0815Z   3600.0 FT8 F/H CQ                      JA8DNV-#  
F4HYJ/P      0812Z  14015.0 CQ XCQ via LP Gud NOT SP        JE1RXJ-#  
HB9BIN       0806Z  18100.0 ft8                             JA1KAW-9  
VK9CZ        0751Z  10131.0 not F/H                         JA6GPR-#  
8J1RL        0737Z  14074.0 cq ft8                          JH8EJA-9  
VK9CZ        0735Z  10131.0 MHSV *Don't Move DF*            JA1QJI-9  
VK9CZ        0731Z  10131.0 FT8 F/H Rx420                   JK7LXU-#  
W6DR         0731Z   1840.0 FT8 -15                         JA7GYP-#  
RX6AM        0715Z  18082.1 mistake callsign                JJ1MTP-9  
R6AM         0713Z  18082.1 CQ                              JJ1MTP-9  
VK9CZ        0700Z  10130.0 FT8 Tnx QSO                     JJ0AWX-#  
5B4VL        0640Z  18100.0 cq                              JA1KAW-9  
A61DD        0634Z  18100.0 ft8                             JA1KAW-9  
S92HP        0546Z  10136.0                                 JG1MUY-#  
VK9CZ        0509Z  10107.0 CQ lonly                        JA5FBZ-#  
3W1T         0428Z  21074.0 ft8                             JI1BXD-#  
KH8/K1TF     0424Z  18075.0 CQ                              JA5FBZ-#  
KH8/K1TF     0424Z   1875.0 CQ                              JA5FBZ-#  
KH8/K1TF     0230Z  21020.0 op ja1vnd                       JH1GZE-#  
CX4AD        0224Z  18095.0 FT4                             JA5XAE    
CX4AD        0216Z  18096.0 FT-4                            HL5OC     
TX7T         0140Z  18095.0 FT4                             JA1QJI-9  

Wed Nov 13 18:08:36 JST 2019
Wed Nov 13 09:08:36 UTC 2019

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